Blizzard Gets a Bath

And then there were two...

The National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network (NASRN) learned of a litter of five Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix puppies in western Texas whose owner was unable to care for them.  The rescue coordinator located a willing foster home in El Paso and went to work arranging transportation.  It took a while to set up the transport as the distance was not short.  By the time NASRN took custody of the puppies there were only four.  The owner indicated that the other pup had been promised to someone.  We do not know how he has fared.  The four remaining puppies, all males, were transported to El Paso.  One of the puppies was already very sick and could not stand up.  The other three soon became ill as well.  They had all contracted parvo.  The puppies needed many days of intensive veterinary care, but they all seemed to recover.  They were moved to Granbury, Texas, southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, to gain weight and strength.  They all seemed to do well after their second long ride, but one puppy, Polar Bear, soon started to show signs that he was not well and passed away.  You can read about him here.  Not long afterward another puppy, Blizzard (also known as Izzy) became ill with what appeared to be an upper respiratory infection.  When he did not improve he was taken to the vet.  He was put on fluids and watched carefully.  Although he appeared to stabilize and even improve he died suddenly.  The vet determined that he had contracted distemper.  The combination of parvo followed by distemper was just too much for his young body to withstand.  I followed the story of these puppies from the beginning through the NASRN rescue coordinator, and although I have not seen these dogs I feel attached to them.  Although Polar Bear and Blizzard did not have long lives, they found out before the end that some people cared for them and loved them.  I am happy that the two remaining puppies are doing well.  You can read about them here or on their individual pages here and here.

Blizzard was a sweet young dog.  He loved exploring his world and playing with his brothers.  His all-too-short life ended despite the efforts of many people in many places to see that he and his brothers had a chance for life and happiness.   He did find some peace and comfort in the end at the hands of people who cared about him.

If you would like to contribute toward the money spent saving the two remaining puppies' lives, and to help ensure that the next dog like Blizzard that needs help will be able to find it, you can email NASRN here.

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last updated 11-3-2003
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